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About us

We are a fully licensed day care facility offering full time programs for families and children in the Wedgewood community



At Wedgewood’s Little School we provide a full day child care program with highly trained staff wholly dedicated to the nurturing of young children. We believe in a child-directed approach to early childhood education and a program that meets the developmental needs of the whole child. We encourage each child to question, wonder and to explore his or her environment. We foster growth by imparting each child with the ability to make responsible decisions. We offer a safe, inviting and warm environment that fosters partnerships between our school, families and surrounding community. We work together to provide each child with the support they need to feel safe, loved and valued.



Wedgewood’s Little School believes in the importance of family and strives to become an extension of each family within our care. We believe that each child is a unique individual who comes to our centre with specific needs and knowledge. We try to work with each family to ensure that each child’s experience at Wedgewood is positive and healthy. We strive to provide a loving, nurturing and creative environment for children.

Inclusion Statement

Wedgewood's Little School aims to provide an inclusive, barrier free program for children and their families. The Centre will look at each student and family as an individual and address their needs as they are presented. Families will be encouraged to bring their children to observe and assess the facilities. The Centre will then develop a plan on how best to meet the needs of the student and their family. All students at the Centre will be included in all aspects of the Centre’s programming and encouraged to participate at their level of ability.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of Wedgewood’s Little School is to provide all children with a developmentally appropriate program that emphasizes the physical, intellectual, emotional, cultural and social areas of development.

Our classrooms are set up with a “hands on” approach and opportunities for both self-directed and teacher-directed activities. Children are given choices as to the activities they participate in. Teachers use observations, interest and abilities of children as well as individual needs in order to determine curriculum.

Our goal is to provide an environment that will allow children to feel good about themselves, approach challenges with optimism, explore their world with confidence and competence, and ultimately reach their full potential. We encourage not just learning but the love of learning.

Our programs are designed to develop in children the sense of independence and responsibility by providing them an opportunity to socialize and interact with other children and adults in a variety of structured and unstructured activities.



Faculty & Staff

All staff are fully trained to work with young children. As a fully licensed facility, we adhere to the standards set by the Department of Education and Childhood Development. All staff have up-to-date criminal record checks, child abuse checks and Emergency First Aid/CPR.

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